Brimbank welcomes 150 new citizens

I was honoured to stand alongside the Leader of the Opposition the Hon Bill Shorten MP in welcoming 150 new citizens to the wider Australian family at Brimbank City Council's 2018 Citizenship Ceremony on Australia Day. 

It was wonderful to witness so many committed people making a pledge to our modern and multicultural country at the Kevin Wheelahan Gardens in Sunshine last Friday. 

I echo the sentiments of Mr Shorten when he said in his speech:

"What makes a good Australian is not defined by the number of generations you've been here. What makes a good Australian is not defined by how much money you have in the bank, by your gender, by the god you worship, by the political party you support.

"What makes a good Australian instead, is someone who wants to raise their family and do the best for their kids. What makes a good Australian is how they treat their neighbours – do they pay their taxes, do they obey the laws of the land?

"What makes a good Australian is not defined by one aspect of your backstory, it is defined by the way which you love and treat your fellow Australians. I couldn't be more confident about the future of this country. And one of the reasons why I couldn't be more confident that we're capable of rallying around the things that unite us rather than divide us, is because I see another 150 allies to make the story of Australia the story of progress and success."

Above: The Hon Bill Shorten MP welcomes the 150 new Australian citizens. 

I want to thank Brimbank City Council for allowing me to take part in their celebrations especial Mayor Margaret Giudice and CEO Helen Morrissey. I'd also like to thank my state parliamentary colleagues Natalie Suleyman MP and Ben Carroll MP. 

Above: With Australia Day Ambassador William Lye OAM and his family.