Congratulations Roxburgh Park FC

I am so proud of Roxburgh Park Football Club, in my electorate of Calwell who were awarded with Victoria's Good Sports Club of the Year for 2017.

The community driven football club received this award for their commitment to creating a healthier, family-friendly and safe environment for its members.

Through the tireless work of dedicated committee and staff, Roxburgh Park football club has created a number of inclusive programs to ensure the most disadvantaged in my Calwell community including the newly arrived migrants, refugees, the elderly and disabled members, keep active, stay health and positive and are welcomed to the community through sport. 

Since joining the Good Sports program, Roxburgh Park Football Club says it has successfully raised awareness of social issues such as domestic violence. It has also run community involvement days, bringing together people from non-English speaking backgrounds, to explain the benefits of joining a sporting club like their own.

Committee Member Trevor Gladman believes ‘inclusive’ is the Good Sports value that shines through brightest at the club, saying it welcomes refugees into their community and supports people with disabilities.

Above: Bill Karametos from the Good Sports program presents the Victorian Good Sports Club of the Year to the committee of Roxburgh Park FC. 

“This award means vindication for a lot of hard work put in by the committee to change the culture of our football club. It also means that the strides we have taken are paying off and that we are on the right path moving forward,” Mr Gladman said.

I commend Roxburgh Park Football Club for all the wonderful work they are doing to build a culturally harmonious and healthy community in Calwell.