Calwell locals encouraged to report mobile black spots

The latest round of the Mobile Black Spot Program has opened, with the Calwell community being given the opportunity to identify parts of our region that struggle with coverage.

In round 4, locals are being encouraged to identify black spots by contacting my office. I will then make submissions to the Department of Communications.

I know locals have had concerns about mobile coverage. Now is the opportunity to get the ball rolling on fixing the coverage issues that have plagued these areas for so long.

Getting a black spot on the database of nominations is the first step to getting funding for a new base station. The national database of black spot locations is only open for new nominations for four weeks, closing on 11th October so the time to act is now.  

Locals who have concerns about mobile black spots that relate to medical, emergency and educational service facilities as well as black spots on major transport routes are particularly encouraged to nominate.

Improving mobile coverage across the country is vital and Labor remains committed to making the issue a priority whether in opposition or in government.

Locations currently in the database can be viewed online at