Do you want to volunteer?

As you know, a Federal election will be held within the next few months, and the ALP has a  real chance of winning. 

We have an opportunity to finally end a government of chaos and division, of low wages and savage cuts to penalty rates, of tax breaks to big companies and reluctance to make big banks accountable, of climate change denial and inaction on energy security.  

We still need to work hard as a team to ensure victory for Labor, for a better and fairer Australia. And we need your help!

Labor’s Fair Go Action Plan, is a plan to:

• Fix our schools and hospitals

• Ease pressure on family budget

• Stand up for workers

• Invest in cheaper, cleaner energy

• Build a stronger economy that works for us all

Our campaign will be strong. It will focus on issues that matter to Calwell residents the most, like the cost of living, access to affordable health and dental care, education, aged care, childcare and the needs of working families. Now we need your help in getting Labor’s Fair Go Action Plan out to our community. 

Please don’t miss this chance to be part of the campaign to elect a Shorten Labor Government in 2019.  Let us know what you are willing and able to contribute in the lead up to and on election day.  Please contact Helen Patsikatheodorou on (03) 9367 5216 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Your help is much appreciated.