Dallas Neighbourhood House Food Parcel Program

The Dallas Neighbourhood House in Broadmeadows provides a wonderful Food Parcel Program, an important initiative in my electorate of Calwell. The Food Parcel Program is run by a team of volunteers, who sort up to 65 bags and food items in each delivery. In 2018, the volunteers had prepared and gave away over 3000 parcels.


Above: Recipient receiving a food parcel

Above: Food Parcel Program volunteers with the prepared parcels

The parcels are made up of neccessary items including canned, frozen and fresh food in addition to women, baby and men products. Each parcel has two bags with one containing frozen food and another with cans and fresh fruit and vegetables. The only requirement is that recipients must have a concession card or immicard.

I would like to thank the volunteers of this program for helping to provide necessities in my electorate for those most vulnerable.