Aged care forum for Broadmeadows Greek Community

Over 60 members of the Greek Orthodox Community of Broadmeadows and Districts attended an aged care forum hosted by Maria Vamvakinou MP in the electorate of Calwell on Monday 8 April. The forum, conducted by Pronia, was aimed at informing the Greek community on aged care programs and services available to them. 

Ms Vamvakinou held the forum after members of her elderly Greek community reached out to her for information on Home Care Packages and other services specific to elderly communities. 

"It was becoming clear to me that I needed to ensure the Greek elderly community was armed with as much information as possible to make educated decisions on how to better care for themselves both independently and dependently," said Ms Vamvakinou MP. "I invited Pronia to speak to the community in Greek about what options they had, and where to go for further information," adding the important work Pronia does in providing services for the ageing Greek population in Victoria. 

Kostas Tsakoumis, Pronia, spoke to the crowd on the culturally nuanced services Pronia provides, and the various Home Care Packages that are made available to them. 

A big thank you to George Xinarios, President of the Greek Orthodox Community of Broadmeadows and Districts, and the whole committee for accommodating Pronia and Ms Vamvakinou MP. 

Maria Vamvakinou MP with the Greek Orthodox Community of Broadmeadows and Districts committee.